Top Tips for Starting School

  • Buy clothes that your child can put on and take off themselves.
  • Label all your child’s clothes.
  •  Support your child in getting dressed and undressed at home (ready for PE lessons).
  • Teach your child to fasten zips, buttons and shoe laces).
  • Teach them how to go to the toilet independently and how and when to wash their hands.
  • Encourage them to drink water (they will need to bring a water bottle to school).
  • Read and look at books together. Talk about the title, the page numbers, the characters and what happens in the story.
  • Do jigsaws and play simple games together.
  • When your child is playing with their chosen activities and toys ask them questions about what they are doing and why.
  • Teach your child to recognise and write their name and recognise numbers. You can do this by writing their name on card and putting it in
    obvious places around the home or making their name with magnetic letters and putting them on the fridge. Put numbers to 10/20 around the house and keep asking them what they are. When walking around outside, read the numbers on house doors.