PE & Sport

PE and School Sport at Gargrave CE (VC) Primary


The Primary School PE and Sports Funding has been allocated to all schools to improve the provision of PE and Sport to ensure all children achieve their full potential.

Schools are free to spend the Primary School PE and Sports Funding as they see fit. However, we will be held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils in PE and Sports.

In 2018-19 Gargrave CE (VC) Primary School received £17,800 for Sports and PE.

Key achievements to date:

  • 2018-2019 and 2017-2018 GOLD award achieved and externally moderated.
  • Enhanced the broader sports that we offer as extra-curricular. This has enabled children from EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to access different sports that they have not tried before.
  • All the extra-curricular clubs we ran were very popular and all the places were taken quickly.
  • In order to make sustainable changes to our PE curriculum delivery, we have used a substantial amount of the funding each year in staff development. This has included upskilling teaching and TAs to ensure that high quality PE is taught throughout school. By providing teachers with opportunities to identify areas they want to develop, we have been able to team each with our SSCO who has developed the ethos and delivery of different units such as dance and gymnastics. This has led to greater confidence in our staff to teach PE.  We have been able to access more sports competitions beyond our cluster. This has included various trips to sporting venues to take part in training sessions and other events. As well as this, we have been able to continue funding the transport as without this we would be unable to attend the different sport competitions due to the distance.
  • Our level of participation of children in inclusion events has risen and we have more girls taking part in sporting events such as football and rugby.
  • A major achievement is to ensure as many children as possible take part in extra-curricular sport and that everyone is active for at least one hour daily.
  • Through careful planning of our funding, we have ensured that we have a wide range of resources to enable children to take part in different sport activities at lunchtime, that the teachers are able to vary their activities during their PE lessons and that children have the opportunity to try new sports as part of our extra-curriculum activities.

Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need:

  • Promote the use of the upgraded daily mile path
  • Offer a wide range of extra-curricular sports for all children by using our current provision in a more effective way, especially targeting the least active.
  • Plan and organise more cluster sport events to be held at school and use the community provision more effectively (i.e. The cricket ground).

The future- sport development plans to include:

  • Continue to fund the SSSCo, allowing us to partake in level 1 and 2 inter school competitions.
  • Continue to employ specialist sports coach to deliver high quality PE lessons to KS2 alongside support to up-skill school staff.
  • Links to local facilities and training.
  • Purchasing a universal girls sports kit to wear for competitions such as netball and rounders.
  • Climbing skills- High Adventure to be promoted.
  • To continue to provide children with offsite activities, such as competitions and team building activities.

Improvements in PE need to be sustainable – shared subject lead, observing sports coaches, training are all helping to achieve this.