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Annual Parental Questionnaire Responses

This is a summary sheet of the successes and next steps from this year at Gargrave CE Primary School. This has come from feedback from pupils, parents, staff and governors.  


“Been impressed with the number of sports trips this year.”  

“XX has had a great year, he has enjoyed his year.”

“My child is very happy at this school. We are confident that she is well educated, well looked- after and safe- thank you for all you do!”

“ Both my children have really enjoyed their school year”.

The response from the questionnaire was very positive- thank you.


  • Pupils tell us they are reading more and the majority are enjoying it.
  • Pupils tell us they like Raving Readers- they love the non-uniform especially- and it reminds them to read!
  • Parents tell us their child reads enough at school and at home and their reading has improved, pupils are more likely to read frequently.
  • Raving Readers has provided an incentive and a push to read as often as possible. Number of children reading 5 times a week has increased from 15% to 75%.
  • Whole class guided reading: Pupils tell us it allows them to feel more confident approaching tests.
  • Links with the library at individual, class and school has improved access to resources.


Next steps:  

Increase number of pupils reading five times a week.

High quality texts to sorted by year group and pupils signposted to reading them, across a variety of genre.

In EYFS, year 1 and year 2 review and order new reading books to match the phonics stage a pupil is reading.


  • All pupils said that they have improved at writing.  
  • Writing: pupils tell they like using a book as a stimulus. The author visit had a huge positive impact.
  • Spelling: parents like having a spelling test and they have a variety of strategies to help their child learn the words/ rules.  
  • Handwriting and presentation across school has improved greatly- pupils and parents have told us this.
  • Pupils and parents like the King and Queen of presentation.
  • Pupils are provided with more opportunities to produce extended pieces of writing.

Next steps:

Continue to focus on quality over quantity with grammar, editing and handwriting in particular.

Spelling: Pupils need to use their spellings in their independent work- to demonstrate the spelling rules and common words they know (in planners) We shall hold a spelling workshop so parents know how it is delivered.


  • TT rock stars had been motivating and improved knowledge of times tables.
  • Pupils are being challenged through pink problems providing mastery of the curriculum.
  • Pupils know they are improving through hot and cold assessment, and NFER tests. 
  • Maths Wizard hats helping to boost confidence and enthusiasm. 
  • Presentation in books greatly improved. 
  • Starter problems ensure breadth of the curriculum is maintained.

Next steps: 

Promote use of TT rock stars in class worship and through class battles. Share strategies for learning tables.

Maths Mastery (Maths Hub) project to focus on fluency in KS2 and same day intervention (pupils who are struggling)


  • Gold Sports Mark award 2019 (and 2018)
  • Many new PE activities; including greater number of teams participating across the age groups. 



  • Collective worship crew have had a greater involvement.
  • Philosophy 4 Children is taught in all classes enabling pupils to voice opinions and hive reasons and deepen understanding of other viewpoints Bronze Award achieved.
  • Curriculum enrichments, through visits, visitors, French, charity work music and sport is appreciated by pupils and parents.
  • Extra parents evening following feedback was attended by ¼ of the parents. Those who attended found it really useful.
  • Books being sent home had been helpful over the year.
  • Open the Book worship delivered by the church fortnightly has been engaging.
  • Class worship has been well attended and many are able to stay and look at the provision in the rooms.
  • We have increased the range of instruments being available for small group tuition.
  • Parents tell us the behaviour has improved.

Next steps:

Daily mile to be promoted again for all pupils following up-grade of path.

Anti-bullying message to be continually given so that the pupils understand what is and isn’t acceptable.

Provide opportunities for older girls to learn about relationships, with each other, and how to maintain healthy ones.

Increase the influence of Pupil forum groups: playmakers (Games makers), school council, head boy and head girl.

Maths: ensure that pupils are challenged within maths lessons and provide open lesson for parents.

Curriculum: review the educational visits and links to the curriculum across the school.

All of the next steps are the targets for the School Improvement Plan 2019-2020.


Successes 2017-2018