Annual Parental Questionnaire Responses

Please see below for a summary of the survey.

Parent Questionnaire Results 2020 

Over 84% of the responses given on Parent View (13 responses) were either agree or strongly agree to the positive statements showing hugely positive attitudes about almost every aspect of the school and reflect how hard the staff are working and the positive relationships that exist in our school community.

Question 1: Does your child enjoy their reading? 

94% of parents said yes. Some said that they needed encouragement and that Raving Readers and NYCC library has helped.

Question 2: Has your child’s reading improved?

94% said yes. Improved exponentially and reading challenging books were common responses.  Again motivation to read was mentioned and Raving Readers helps this.

Question 3: Does your child feel more confident in their writing?

94% said yes. Pen licences and handwriting focus has helped to build confidence. Need more time on spelling and grammar and also clear expectations for spelling in EYFS.

Question 4: Does your child regularly access TTRock Stars/ Numbots? 

94% said yes. Parents told us that they felt it built confidence through repetition, but also that the sheets were popular and helpful.  Certificates and badges had motivated pupils.

Question 5: Do you feel your child is fluent enough in recall of key facts?

88% said yes.

Question 6: Behaviour- are there any other strategies you would like us to use?

All responded that they liked the systems in place. ‘We feel that behaviour has seemed to improve so the way of tackling bad behaviour must be working’. Other comments emphasised the importance of response for all religions, races, and beliefs, kindness to themselves and their community was essential to continue.

Question 7: General- any other comments about the past year? 

Loved the nativity in the church. Enjoyed the sports events in the Autumn term.

All responses were positive in terms of response to coronavirus. Common comments included appreciated the support, the communication, e-mails and phone calls.

Question 8: General- aspects for the school to consider next year? 

EYFS more ambitious. More

communication in planner from teacher to parent. Help in transition to secondary school, for parents and pupils – options and arrangements. More computing and art.

Parents asked about how the school would stretch and challenge pupils on return and also how they would help pupils to learn who had missed out.

Question 9: Home Learning- what if we had to implement again?

The majority were happy with the systems put in place. They liked the regular and consistent communication.


School response 2020- to feed into School Improvement Plan 2020-2021



You said…..


We plan to….
Ensure challenge and stretch for all year groups Implement full curriculum on return. Start with the new year group curriculum.
child has made less progress during lockdown so support for pupils who have gaps

Use parental feedback and September assessments to target support for individuals and groups.

· TTRS club

· SPAG club

On-line support if there is a future closure Staff training on Microsoft TEAMs. Use video and on-line for social and emotional development and start and end of themes/ lessons.
Ambitious EYFS EYFS team to review curriculum and share end of year expectations (including spelling and maths fluency).
More communication in planner

All planners are looked at daily. Comments made individually where relevant.

Weekly e-mail to class as summary of learning and deeper knowledge.

Support for transition into secondary Organise meeting / information for parents about options to secondary school. Invite each of the five secondary schools into school to talk to the older pupils.