Annual Parental Questionnaire Responses

When asked about the wider curriculum and which subjects parents valued, there were a spread of responses across all subjects with science being the highest.

Outdoor Strengths

  • Science in everything – getting the pupils outdoors
  • Gets pupils active
  • Opportunities to try sports including new ones like cricket
  • Learning takes place beyond the classroom

What have you been pleased with this year?

  • Dedication of teachers for preparation for SAT’s
  • School visits: residential, London visit, hard work and care from staff
  • Additional PE activities
  • Knowledge of the individual child
  • The Nest (Thrive room), buddy system between older & younger pupils
  • Phonics & Reading provision and profile

Ideas for next year

  • More after-school activities
  • More music
  • Opportunities in the local area such as litter picks, support food bank
  • Eco/green ambassadors
  • Make sure enough notice is given to parents for events
  • Vary the timetable