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Success 2017/2018


This is a summary sheet of the successes and next steps from this year at Gargrave CE Primary School. This has come from feedback from pupils, parents, staff and governors.  

A big thank you for the fantastic was you approached SAT’s this year. It was a lovely balance of kindness and caring along with motivation for them to do their best”, “ Secret. Agent Training, a stroke of genius…” “the marking in the books helps my child to progress”, feedback from  parents 2018.


  • Whole class guided reading used weekly throughout the school and pupils tell us this has helped them in tests.
  • Pupils tell us: like whole class guided reading all like individual reading and have improved "learned new words" "read bigger books" "find it easier" They explained how they have made progress in their reading.
  • Parents tell us their child reads enough at school and at home and their reading has improved.
  • Across school the profile of reading has been raised in all classes through competitions/ display of books/ organisation of books.

Next steps:  

ALL pupils to enjoy reading.

A greater variety of texts for individual and class learning. High quality texts to be shared with families so that parents may support.

In year 5 and 6 increase motivation to read through individual, guided and whole class guided reading and inference groups. This will be a focus for an externally funded SGHS Project. Whole class guided reading to be demonstrated to parents.



  • All pupils know what is expected of them. All pupils said that they have improved at writing.  
  • Writing: pupils use ideas from peers to learn, use different types of punctuation and spellings
  • Expectations for all year groups are displayed in the hall for all year groups and available at parents evening.
  • Moderation of writing in Y2 and Y6 externally and internally has deepened confidence of assessment judgements, including the greater depth pupils in Y5.  
  • Spelling scores NFER improved autumn 2017to Spring/ Summer 2018.  
  • Handwriting and presentation across school has improved greatly- pupils and parents have told us. 

Next steps:

Pupils need to be able to articulate how they have improved and their next steps and show examples.  

Spelling -ensure all pupils review their spellings in their writing. Parents tell us that spellings are inconsistent. We shall hold a spelling workshop so parents know how it is delivered.


  • TT rock stars had been motivating and improved knowledge of times tables.
  • Teachers are meeting needs of all pupils. Pupils are being challenged through starter problems and follow up work after Maths No Problem.
  • In year 3 and 4, hot and cold assessments have shown that pupils describe their progress.
  • Maths Wizard hats helping to boost confidence and enthusiasm. 
  • Presentation in books greatly improved. 
  • Our children still find problem solving harder. Strategies are being taught in both Singapore Maths lessons and Problem Solving lessons. 

Next steps: 

Maths subject lead to use subject time to ensure initiatives continue: cold and hot assessments, KS2 starter problems, presentation expectations, clear end of lesson expectations, mastery curriculum for all, targets in planner and workbooks.  

Profile of times tables to be raised- TT rock stars internal and external competitions.  

White Rose maths hub project to focus maths mastery within problem solving,  and Upper KS2 challenges.


  • Gold Sports Mark award 2018
  • Many new activities, including greater number of teams participating and effective playground leaders.


  • Collective worship crew having a greater involvement.
  • Pholosphy 4 Children is taught in all classes enabling pupils to voice opinions and hive reasons and deepen understanding of other viewpoints Bronze Award achieved.
  • Curriculum enrichments, through visits, visitors, French, charity work  music and sport is appreciated by pupils and parents. Parents said you do a ‘fabulous job’.
  • Mindfulness day (PTA funded) enables all pupils to learn strategies to use when experiencing a range of emotions.
  • Weekly catch up with a group of individual pupils, through anti-bullying focus, has given them a voice and confidence in being heard.
  • Parents said that the planner is used more effectively and feedback is welcome.
  • Books being sent home had been helpful over the year.

Next steps: Greater challenge in homework

Daily mile to be promoted for all pupils. (Linked to some PTA fundraising)

Anti-bullying profile to be raised through curriculum delivery and follow up regularly.

Open the Book worship to be delivered using the collective worship crew.

Communication with parents: use of texts, e mails, social media, parents evenings and progress data.

Increase music tuition for learning to play and instrument within school time.

Increase the influence of Pupil forum groups: playmakers (Games makers), school council, head boy and head girl.

All of the next steps are the targets for the School Improvement Plan 2018-2019.



parental questionnaire - 2016




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