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SEND Information Report

The North Yorkshire local offer can be found at:



Gargrave  CE (VC) Primary School SEND information report

January 2018 


Link to SEND policy


North Yorkshire LA expectation of good practice

School offer


Universal Provision

High quality support for learning within mainstream lessons is the most important factor in helping pupils with SEND to make good progress alongside their peers. Your school will be able to describe some of the approaches that classroom teachers and other staff will be using throughout the day to help address your child’s needs within lessons. They may also be able to share with you the school’s overall plan of support (provision map), which outlines many of these strategies. The school must have a named governor who holds the school to account for making good provision for pupils with SEND.

All staff at Gargrave School are committed to providing quality first teaching so that every child can make at least good progress with their learning.

Our teaching and learning is challenging, addresses different abilities and learning styles and is supported by high quality resources.

Further information about curriculum provision is available on the school website.

Adaptations are made for individuals with additional needs and provision maps that describe these adaptations are regularly reviewed and shared with parents.

The school is a single storey building with wide doors and access to a disabled toilet.

All parents are invited to information meetings about curriculum, assessments options for secondary, transition to primary over the year.

Emotional and social development are considered across the curriculum, in discrete lessons and additional group work.

The whole school takes part in sports day, twice yearly school productions, carol service, specialist PE, French and music lessons. Years 4 swim for a term of the year

The named governor for SEN is Mrs Jane Ellis.


Recording Provision

Where the school feels that something additional or different is needed to support your child because they have SEND they will discuss this carefully with you. This information may well be recorded in a document for you and your child, known as an individual provision map or an individual education plan. This should include:-

• details of any strategies being used to support your child in class;

• details of any extra support or interventions for your child

• your child’s learning targets;

• the next date when your child’s progress will be reviewed.

Children who have been identified as needing some additional support and/or adaptations have an individual provision map.

These describe personal targets, strategies and interventions that have been put in place, both to help children access classroom activities and to meet their personal targets.

Provision maps and personal targets are reviewed each term with parents, children and class teachers, however class teachers are available to discuss these with you at any time.

Where appropriate, advice may be sought to inform the provision available to individual children.  This will be in consultation with parents and carers.

A record is kept of all interventions that your child has accessed during their time at Gargrave School.

Home-school books have been introduces to improve communication in addition to planners and open door policy.


Schools use a range of evidence based interventions to support pupils with SEND to make better progress. Interventions are structured learning programmes. Your school will be able to explain to you:

• what interventions your child is receiving and what are the intended learning outcomes;

• when during the week any interventions will be delivered and for how many weeks;

• who will be delivering the interventions (usually a well trained teaching assistant) and where (e.g. in class or outside the classroom)

• how the interventions will relate to and support learning in the classroom;

• how they will be monitored closely to make sure they are helping your child to make accelerated progress.

At Gargrave School we are able to offer a wide variety of interventions to support the needs of children.  These include structured, evidence-based programmes for English, maths and speaking and listening as well as highly personalised 1:1 interventions, usually developed with the support of other agencies.

Interventions are carefully monitored and reviewed regularly in order to ensure that they have impacted on children’s learning.

Interventions are usually delivered by well trained teaching assistants, all of whom will have received in-house training as well as training and support provided by a number of different agencies.

The school uses dynamo maths for some pupils. In addition there are writing slopes, overlays, fidget cushions. Staff are trained in Makaton and autism and restorative practise.

All interventions are recorded on a whole school intervention map each term.

The class teacher, or our SENCO are available to discuss in more detail any of the interventions that your child is receiving.


Extra Adult Support

There may be occasions when the school feels that some additional support within lessons may help your child to make better progress. This is by no means always the case. However, if some additional small group or one to one support within lessons is planned, the school will explain how this will work, what the aims of this support will be and how and when the impact of this support will be reviewed. Most importantly, this support should be aiming to make your child more independent in lessons.

Gargrave School has a large number of skilled teaching assistants who support both individual and groups of children throughout school.

In the classroom, they may be placed with individuals or groups with SEND to offer additional support.  They may also be placed with other groups of children to allow the class teacher to work closely with children with additional needs on a regular basis.

Although, from time to time, children may need a high level of individual support, our aim is always to help children to be more independent in lessons.


Expected progress

All pupils with SEND should make at least expected progress, in line with their peers. Your school will be able to explain how it will be monitoring your child’s progress to ensure that it is at least in line with expectations. This will usually include progress made with personal targets, and overall progress with National Curriculum levels.

Progress of all children is reviewed regularly.

Some children may need additional support or adaptations in order to make good progress in line with personal targets.

You will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress at the parent/teacher consultation evenings and at review meetings.

Class teachers and the school SENCO are also available at any time to discuss your child’s progress at other times if you have any concerns.

Inclusion Quality Mark

Many North Yorkshire schools have used our Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) to evaluate how successfully they include all learners, including those with SEND. The IQM allows schools to show how they are benefiting different groups of learners, and how their outcomes are improving as a result of their work. A full list of North Yorkshire schools currently holding the IQM is available.


Schools who do not hold the IQM should demonstrate their commitment to Equality in line with the Equality Act 2010 and in line with their school’s aims and vision statement.

Gargrave school has achieved the Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) Level 2.

This achievement demonstrates the importance that the school places on meeting the needs of all learners.

For more information about the North Yorkshire Inclusion Quality Mark look at NYCC website.


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