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Trips and Events Reports

Please find below various reports, written by the children, on some of the events they have attended throughout the year.


Young Voices - January 2018

On Friday 19th January, a group of children went to join 5,303 children and an amazing band at Sheffield Arena.

We left school at 10.30 am and our journey began .....  A couple of hours later at 12.30 (it didn't feel like it), we got to Sheffield Arena.  When we went in it looked AMAZING!  After lunch we had a long rehearsal until 5.30pm.  We then ate our tea and then had to conga to the toilet so we didn't get lost.  The real concert started at 6pm.  We had a really good time - it was so much fun.

by Maisy Whitworth & Thomas Cadman Bond

Swimming Gala - January 2018

On Thursday 18th January, some children from KS2 took part in a swimming gala at Craven Swimming Pool.  We all tried our best and some of us got through to the finals.  Annie, Paige, Ethan, Ruby and Euan all won medals.  Paige and Ethan both came first!  We all went home feeling proud of ourselves even though we didn’t win.

By Madeline Moorhouse-Smith & Brandon Taylor


Aqua Splash - January 2018

Aqua Splash was great fun.  WE WON!  We played lots of games.  The games were star float, caterpillar race and mushroom bob.  We played many other games and all had lots of fun.

By Chloe Halmet


Sportshall Athletics - January 2018

On Friday 19th January 2018, I went with some other children and some teachers on a bus to York.  We went to take part in a competition called the Sportshall Athletics.  We were in a team from Skipton.

When we got there, we saw seven other teams from North Yorkshire.  We played different games and my favourite one was the hurdles.  I also liked running races and my friend Andrew and I came first.  Our team came fourth and we had a medal and a certificate.  We also had lunch there.  

On the way home, I sat next to Andrew and read my comics.  I had a lovely day and my mummy was waiting for me when we got back to Greatwood School.


By Reece Gautam




The Return of the King - January 2018

On Wednesday 24th January, 2018 Oak class had a salmon day: some very important people came in to show us more about salmon and how they are re-introducing them to our rivers.

In the morning 6 people came in early to do an interview about salmon, down at the river however it was too windy so they could not film there so by the time they had set up everyone else was at school! But they still got a few minutes. They got to meet Sir Gary Verity-he is the Chief Executive of the Welcome To Yorkshire Team.

We talked about the life cycle of salmon with a gentleman from the Rivers Team in the classroom (they filmed us.) After that we talked about the rivers. They had to pick someone to put on a giant salmon suit – they chose Archie!

Later in the afternoon we walked down to the river and did some filming there (by then it wasn’t windy anymore).

We talked about how mud and dirt slid into the rivers and made them dirty, and how we could stop that happening for all the salmon. We also talked about fish passes and how they help the salmon get over the weirs.

Finally, we talked about how we can stop dumping rubbish in the river because we need to protect it for the salmon and other fish. We needed Mrs. Peel to do an interview for us, then we got filmed by a drone whilst we were waving and jumping.

The short film will be shown worldwide to highlight the importance of everybody protecting our rivers.

By Maisy Whitworth and Callum Barker


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