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Peer Review

We are working with a group of local schools on a School Partnership Programme delivered by the Education Development Trust. Our group consists of 5 local schools where we have worked in partnership to facilitate rigorous, consistent reviews. Our school review and subsequent action plan is available here.  We have one trained head teacher and two trained improvement champions. 

We recently had a whole school writing morning.  We all worked really hard and produced our best quality work to show off all that we have learnt this year. We had to pretend we were a toothbrush and we had to describe someone brushing their teeth from your point of view. This idea of writing was taken from the book 642 things to write about. We are very proud of all our work and we cannot wait to see who will be awarded writer of the week in our Friday assembly. 

Below are some examples of the excellent work that was produced.


One lovely evening, I was laying in a magnificent rainbow pot, but suddenly Finlay came in and grabbed me and pulled me out.  He laid me on my side, I didn’t like being on my side.  After that he put the big tap on and freezing water sprayed all over me.  I was afraid, shivering and  terrified. 

Next, Finlay put disgusting yucky stuff  on me and I felt really queasy.  After that he put me in a dark spooky mouth full of teeth.  I really really hated it when Finlay put me in his mouth and rubbed me round and round.  I felt so sick.  I really didn’t like it. 

After that he left me alone and got back in his beautiful, magnificent bed and went to sleep.  So when he’d gone, I just sat in that pot all night and had a nice relax but not for long ….. because soon he did it all over again! 

By Oliver Greenway, Ash Class


“Hi, my name is John, I’m a toothbrush—I live in a mug”.  One morning I heard a big bang—I saw a giant thing walking towards me.  He picked me up and put me under water.  I was gasping for air.  Finally, I was out!  A slimy consistency went on my head.  He was putting me in a big dark hole.  It was revolting.  He grabbed me with his pink tongue and he washed me again.  He went out of the room and I tried to get out of his mouth and then I heard another loud bang.  It was a small giant ready to grab me,  Phew, he was just getting a drink of clear stuff.

I wobbled into a rat hole.  A mouse saw me and took me along a tunnel.  I ended up in a bedroom and the boy found me and he saw a box with a new toothbrush and put me in the bin.  Finally! 

By Joshua Manning, Sycamore Class


Click!  The light turns on.  I wake up bleary eyed.  Great, another day.  I’m what some would call an early morning toothbrush.  I can’t wait to get moving.

I get shoved under the tap, for my cold shower.  It’s strange that humans wash my feet (where all the bristles are).  Humans call my feet my head, which proves that humans don’ know everything.  I am fully awake now and I feel refreshed.  I am glad that I get cleaned property, it makes me still look pink and new.  I feel sorry for my best friend, who is the purple toothbrush.  She doesn’t get cleaned well and she hardly looks purple   anymore!

Now, my human is giving me my breakfast—or toothpaste.  It tastes lovely and minty (I can taste with my feet).  Time for my daily exercise!  It is very important to get some fresh air.  I have heard that the air inside mouths is especially wholesome—  when the human eats the right food.

I get taken for my run.  Firstly, I get taken around the front of the

molars.  Great, a bit of apple peel.  Time to get to work!  I carry on my  journey energetically around the incisors, past the canines … now for the top jaw.  Along the top of the molars, past the gums.  My journey has finished.  What a lovely run!  Now for my next cold shower (goodbye apple peel).  I get washed  vigorously until I am sparkling pink again.  What a nice day!  How was it?  Purple toothbrush asked me.  Excellent I replied.       Goodnight.  Goodnight.   

By Annie Faulkner, Oak Class













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