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Sport Premium Funding 2016/2017


The Primary School PE and Sports Funding has been allocated to all schools to improve the provision of PE and Sport to ensure all children achieve their full potential.

Schools are free to spend the Primary School PE and Sports Funding as they see fit. However, we will be held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils in PE and Sports.

Use of School PE and Sports Funding 2016-2017

In 2016-17 Gargrave CE (VC) Primary School received £8,400 for Sports and PE.

Currently some of this funding:

  •  Put towards the cost of keeping SSSCo for the area. This person then delivers level 1 and 2 provisions which the school attends. They also provide training to staff at the school.
  • The SSSCo also provided some of our pupils with playtime leader skills to allow them to lead activities for KS1 children during playtime.

  • Improve PE Lessons in KS2 - specialist teacher to deliver higher quality PE lessons to KS 2 pupils alongside school staff- this has enabled greater participation and enjoyment through greater variety of opportunities such as gymnastics and hockey and also a higher level of challenge. This has also engaged the girls much more- this has been a priority for the school. Also, we have several pupils who are gifted and talented in sport and this specialist has allowed them to be stretched.  This year the school attended girls only football and a netball tournament for the first time.

  • Improve PE Lessons in KS1 and FS- Specialist teacher for FS and KS1 has brought sports skills and movement skills to the younger pupils. Training support staff to deliver alongside leader to sustain the impact beyond the lessons.

  • After-school sports have been targeted to enable the more vulnerable to participate- including Change4Life, running and bat and ball skills. Focussed girls sports e.g. netball and indoor hockey.

  • Primary Link Teacher has attended all training and as a result the school attended the local sporting events, these are wide ranging and cover all the age groups.

  • Links to local clubs have developed such as rugby clubs and also more recently tennis. This enables links beyond the school day, into the weekends and for life after primary school.

  • Swimming has been provided for many years for all ages- however we now enable the weaker KS2 pupils to continue to swim so they can gain the skills required before leaving school.

  • Purchased new playtime equipment and storage to allow for informal opportunities for pupils to play sports during their playtime.

  • Y5 and Y6 attended team building event at Nell bank- this enabled them to appreciate different skills and ways of inclusive working.

  • Residential activities carried out by year 6 pupils allowed children to engage in differing and challenging activities, many of which they had not had the opportunity to do before.

  • Bike ability for all the year 5 pupils- giving confidence and knowledge of road safety.

  • 1 pupil participated at county level cross country, several at area swimming and many other sporting successes.  All the pupils are given the opportunity to participate in competitive team sports at some point during the year. It was pleasing that girls and boys wished to represent the school in football this year.

  • Subscription to organisations such as the LTA and PE Primary website to allow staff to access quality lesson plans/lesson ideas and share good practice to help them deliver high quality lessons which all children can access.

  • Purchase storage for the outdoor PE shed to enable staff to have easy access to equipment.

The future- sport development plans to include:

  • Continue to fund the SSSCo, allowing us to partake in level 1 and 2 inter school competitions.

  • Continue to employ specialist sports coach to deliver high quality PE lessons to KS2 alongside support to up-skill school staff.

  • Links to local facilities and training- bowls.

  • Purchasing a universal girls sports kit to wear for competitions such as netball and rounders.  

  • Climbing skills- High Adventure to be promoted.  

  • To continue to provide children with offsite activities, such as competitions and team building activities.


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